Top Ten Tips for Travel with Babies and Toddlers 3

10. Bring twice as many diapers as you think you’ll need and an entire package of wipes.

9. Bring spare clothing for everyone.  Think puke down your shirt or a poop blow out.

8. Bring more toys than you think you’ll need.  We love the eggs that open, drawing tablets and a pad of stickies.

7. Be creative.  Those plastic eggs can become pretend egg drop soup when added to a plastic airline cup.

Ben & Lili Traveling Summer 2013_edited-16. Accept offers of help.  Remember it’s impossible to steal your child on an airplane, and everyone benefits if you get through security quickly.

5. Bring lots of snacks.  It’s another activity, and a hungry child is not a good child.

4. Use a carrier to help your child nap.

3. At security, look for a family/medical liquids line.  When available, they are shorter and more understanding.  Bring a printup of any TSA policy you wish to take advantage of.

2. Plan for renting large items (such as cribs and carseats) on the other side when possible, or pack them in a padded bag.  Check them over for potential damage at baggage claim before leaving the airport.

1. For children 2+, load up an iPad or other tablet with movies and games.  We hope you’ll bring Cavity Dragons and work on toothbrushing skills!

And, know that it gets better! Check out this article from the Huffington Post:

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