Top Ten Toothbrushing Tips 1

Cavities are the number one chronic disease among young children, and therefore, toothbrushing is critical. (

10. Adult teeth are under the baby teeth, so cavities can spread to them.

9. You need to brush as well until your child is old enough to brush thoroughly. Test your child with a teddy bear.

8. Brush the gums and the gum line, as well as the inside of the teeth and the surface of the molars.

7. Once the teeth are close together, your child must floss. We love the animal shaped flossers.

6. Brush your teeth together and show your child each part that you are brushing.

5. Replace your child’s toothbrush regularly. My children eat the bristles, so they need a new one more frequently than I do.

Cavity Dragon for Web 6-22-134. Pretend you are chasing cavity dragons.

3. Toothpaste in a flavor your child likes. Fluoride free until your child spits it out.

2. Cool toothbrush that your child chooses, whether it’s a favorite color or character, electric or plain.

1. Play the Cavity Dragons game!





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One thought on “Top Ten Toothbrushing Tips

  • Frog Mom

    Love that game! When my girls were too young to brush their teeth, I sang a song while they opened their mouths. What really got them into healthy tooth-brushing habits as they grew older was an electric toothbrush. They love their electric toothbrush and it has a 2-minute timer. The cavity dragon is pretty cool though:)