My Top 10 Special Mom Moments 1

My most special Mom moments include a million hugs, endless laughter, and watching the world through my children’s eyes. How about you? Share yours in the comments below! Also check out My Top 10 Scary Mom Moments for my humorous take on kid shenanigans from mischievous laughter to Sharpie pens.


1. “I love you Momma,” from the first time to the 3,999,999,999th time she/he says it.


2. Your child’s hugs and kisses. Every. Time. Includes butterfly kisses and secret handshakes.


Brothers Having Fun Hiking3. Silly, adorable songs, dances or poems re-enacted, whether learned at preschool or by imitating the latest hit movie or music craze.


4. Watching them do something truly thoughtful for someone else without being asked. Like a special birthday drawing, comforting one of their friends, bringing you dandelions, or collecting coins for a cause they care about.


5. Hearing their theories on everything from why the sky is blue to how he thinks the earth was created. Seeing their excitement and pride learning something new from swimming to music.


6. Working through their challenges, whether with their speech development or handling an asthma attack with grace and optimism for a child his age.


7. Snuggling with a sleepy to sleeping baby to toddler to little boy.


8. Benefiting from their help with chores or a handy shoulder rub.


9. Seeing the world from your child’s eyes and watching him experience things for the first time.


10. Precious family moments celebrating holidays, our own special traditions such as Family Movie Night, and just hanging out.



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