10 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Children that Capture the Moment 1

— By Diane Rieger, Professional Family Photographer


There’s a special magic in capturing a moment and it’s these moments that give life meaning. My passion for photography is rooted in capturing the feelings of a moment; the love, the fun, the genuine and beautiful essence of each person. I believe we would all be happier if we focus on the daily joys of family, friendship and the meaningful human connections that are at the center of all of our lives.These moments in life, better than smelling roses, is finding the wonder in the everyday life of your family.


As a professional photographer for 16 years, I specialize in photojournalistic family photography. I focus on capturing the beauty of each child, the whole family’s unique personalities, and the love within the family. These are my tips on how you can capture the magic in your photos:

Father w-Baby Photo by Diane Rieger



1. The most important part: Make it a point to take photos of your family often, and make sure that every member of the family is included (that means you!)


2. Take pictures of the day to day, not just special events. Whether it’s making cookies together, when your baby wakes from a nap, your toddler learning to use silverware. The daily routines that make up your life as a family are the fleeting moments worth capturing. Special events, say recitals, are great to capture, but it’s the little things that you will all want to look back upon in the future.







Baby & Sister Photo by Diane Rieger



3. Forget “cheese”! Genuine smiles and the daily range of emotions caught in pictures are the timeless treasured ones. Catch the moments of your children interacting with others naturally, they’ll become your favorites.


4. Take pictures with the sun to your back so you have good lighting, otherwise you’ll have a silhouette (which is sometimes cool).







Toddler on Playground Photo by Diane Rieger


5. Be spontaneous and playful while taking pictures and make it a point to take the photo while they’re playing and having fun. Kids being themselves and being happy create the best portraits of all.



6. Conversely, a genuine expression captured, even if it’s not a grinning face can be fantastic. Sometimes they’re more beautiful and represent more closely who the person is, creating a genuine photograph. Even moments of tears, frustration, potty training mishaps, etc. can be treasured images.




Father and Daughter Time Photo by Diane Krieger


7. I am personally not a fan of posed photos. When you tell kids or adults to smile it is nothing like their true smiles. They come across insincere and nobody looks good with a phony smile (even on magazine covers).  A genuine smile will be free of grimacing and (secret tip) is easily recognized by the wrinkles at the edge of the eyes.


8. Tidy up the area behind the subject or change your angle. Power lines, toys,  sometimes even cars can be distracting from the focus of the image…the person you’re photographing.


9. Most importantly, have a great time shooting. Enjoy the moments you’re capturing and it will show in the images.



10. Remember to always back up your pictures! You can use an external hard drive or online service but whatever you use, do it often.


To get the best photos I recommend hiring a professional photographer every six months to capture your children at each stage of growth. A professional can capture the nuances and how they gradually change and demonstrate new ways of exploring who they are.


Diane Rieger has been a professional photographer in the San Francisco area for 16 years. She specializes in photojournalistic family photography. You can see her work at www.DianeCaraPhotography.com  Diane focuses on capturing the beauty of your child, your whole family’s unique personalities, and the love within your family. The magic is in the moment and that’s what she does; catch that magic in a bottle for you. Diane is currently offering 15% off a photo shoot if booked before March 1st and she has specials for photographing your family several times throughout the year.

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