Ten Fun Fall Activities To Do with Young Children 1

1. Take a walk outside, if you’re in a climate where the leaves are changing pick a scenic trail to enjoy the colors.

2. Jump in a pile of leaves

3. Pick some pine cones and leaves and make a craft project. For example dribble glitter glue on the pine cone, glue some leaves to colored construction papers.  Glue colored leaves onto a piece of paper to make your own tree.

Young Boy Enjoying Fall4. Make up a story with your child about fall, take turns with each person creating the next sentence. Encourage your children to draw pictures to illustrate the story.

5. Pick apples or pumpkins at a local farm or pumpkin patch. Many farms with pumpkin patches also have a maze, hay ride, pony rides and more.

6. Make a scavenger hunt or homemade obstacle course in the backyard.

7. As a family go through toys and clothes that the kids have outgrown and donate them. Or find a local nonprofit that welcomes family volunteering along with your children.

8. Plan a fun camping trip, weather permitting.

9. Check out new exhibits at your local science museums, as many switch when school starts

10. Prepare your garden for the winter, whether that is dead heading your bushes, throwing on mulch to protect from the cold, or planting seeds before the rainy season starts.



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