Santa Claus and Jewish Kids

I still remember asking my mom why Santa Claus didn’t visit our homes. I don’t remember her exact reply, but rather the thought of this cool man delivering presents to everyone but Jewish kids. SO unfair that the team of reindeer carrying the best toys would pass over the Jewish homes. This was NOT the […]

How to Praise?

How often do you say, “Good Job!” Every time your child slides down the slide? Each time he does something new? Or whenever he does something you wanted him to? Our preschool director, Fern Eisenberg at Beth Sholom Family Preschool, frequently reminds us not to say, “Good Job!” Until I met her, I had no […]

Money Saving Ideas for Fun Family Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday preparations. This should be a joyous time focused on the meaning of the holidays, but it’s easy to get carried away with the presents and regalia, leading to financial stress. Here are budget conscious, time saving tips for whichever holiday(s) your family will be celebrating: Make a handy checklist on […]

My Child Seems Gifted . . . What Should I Do? 2

Tips from a Mom of a Precocious Child   Most of us see the gifted side of our children, and we all worry about our kids receiving the best possible education. Schools can seem slanted towards the average child, leaving parents nervous that advanced children will become bored in class. I personally spent many hours […]

SFUSD Kindergarten Lottery Strategy 3

It’s lottery time of year in San Francisco. If you’re still touring schools, here are some ideas on what factors to consider: How Do I Find an Elementary School? My Kid Is Heading to Kindergarten. Once you’ve toured and have an opinion of the schools that you want, how do you play the kindergarten lottery? […]

Tips for a Fun, Safe Halloween with Young Children

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the whole family. To make it truly fun for each person in the family, honoring your child’s personality and preferences can make all the difference between happiness and melt downs for all concerned. Here are tips for a happy, safe Halloween while bearing in mind what works best for […]

Top 10 Things Adults Miss About Being Kids

I remember when I was a kid thinking that being an adult must be awesome. While being an adult and a Mom is great, there are times when I really think about what we adults miss out on from not being kids anymore. The great thing about being a Mom is we get to enjoy a lot of […]

Sample Reward Chart You Can Customize to Your Needs

I have found a reward chart to be a useful tool in getting my children to do daily tasks, from brushing their teeth to potty training to chores. Here is a sample reward chart I have used. I included items like staying in bed, brushing teeth and keeping underpants dry. I copy and pasted images from real life […]

Charter Schools FAQ

Would you like to know more about charter schools? Here are answers to the the kinds of questions people often ask. First a note: The information provided in this FAQ reflects California law. For information specific to your state, please consult the charter school legislation in your state. States without charter legislation are: Alabama, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, […]

Making Rosh Hashanah Fun and Meaningful for Young Children

This article was written by Marla Wolf, Religious School Director, and Jane Mayers, Early Childhood Center Acting Director, both of Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, Ohio.   Rosh Hashanah is always such a fun holiday to celebrate with young children.  There are so many ways to engage in and prepare for the holiday that […]