Helping Your Shy or Special Needs Child Enjoy Holiday Family Time

Spending precious time with extended family during the holidays is filled with joy and traditions but by its nature can bring anxiety to children who are shy or have special needs. Starting with the customary hugs and kisses and obligatory, “look how much you’ve grown!!”, can bring unintended discomfort at the intensity of attention and sensory […]

Facing Holidays with Your Child in the Hospital

Any time your child is sick in the hospital is beyond hard. But during holidays usually so full of happiness and family traditions, it is a true test of the heart. Add to the mix worrying about giving your other children and family members some semblance of a holiday leaves you feeling literally split in […]

When a Child’s Serious Illness Changes Everything

  The Celebrating Moms and Their Choices Series In the flash of an eye everything we ever believed about being a Mom and work-life balance can be tested in a crucible of life’s most challenging reality. For me that moment started in July 2014 when our younger son nervously confided he had been having terrible […]

Brothers Together in Hospital

SFUSD Schools Lottery Round Two 6

Many of you are eagerly waiting for your round one letters from SFUSD (San Francisco Public Schools) and wondering what to do if you don’t get your first choice, or if you change your mind about which school is the best fit for your child. First off, if you plan to send your child to […]

Weekday Parenting Alone Whether Single Parent or Spouse Traveling 1

I’m a single mom of two. My current childcare is preschool and elementary school, both with aftercare and rarely any help at home. My kids are not morning people, nor am I truthfully. To make this work, I had to become much more organized. Prepare everything the night before: Prepare the coffee maker so it […]

Strategies for Your Child’s Hospital Stay 1

If parenting isn’t a snap on an average day, it can truly be a marathon when your child needs to be in the hospital. Whether a short one-time stay or a more serious, lengthy situation, here are pragmatic and coping tips to prepare for and help your child through a hospital stay based on my experiences. […]

Preparing for Kindergarten 1

My Child is Starting Kindergarten! Tips for Getting Ready. Your firstborn just graduated from preschool, or maybe is going directly into elementary school from home. During this exciting time, here are some tips that I wish I’d known.   1) The week before school, plan to stay in town. It’s important that your child is […]

Set Small Achievable Goals Rather Than Big Resolutions

I like to think of the start of a new year as a fresh slate and a great opportunity to reflect on what is most important to me. I have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. I used to look to them as a chance to improve myself, but found my inevitable big resolutions to […]

Great Gift Ideas for 4 to 8 Year Olds

As a former mechanical engineer, I’m often asked for advice on toys to engage girls (and boys!) in building and science. Building freehand, or as my son says “with my brain”, is such a great learning experience. What better way to learn about engineering than building something with your own hands? Here are my top […]

Santa Claus and Jewish Kids

I still remember asking my mom why Santa Claus didn’t visit our homes. I don’t remember her exact reply, but rather the thought of this cool man delivering presents to everyone but Jewish kids. SO unfair that the team of reindeer carrying the best toys would pass over the Jewish homes. This was NOT the […]