Introducing Solids

To Puree or Not to Puree

When my first turned five months, I was itching to introduce solids.  I just couldn’t wait.  It sounded SO fun.  At 5.5 months, I couldn’t wait any more.  My mom was visiting, and upon her advice, started with organic rice cereal (more on that later), very runny, with mashed bananas.  He seemed to enjoy it, so I moved on to homemade purees, all organic, cooked with love, pureed in my blender, and frozen in a BPA-free ice cube trays.  Meals were cooked over the stove top (no microwave for me!) with a mix of veggie purees and rice cereal.

Baby right after eating pureed yamsThis fancy process lasted exactly one month, when my son closed his mouth.  Firmly.  No more purees ever crossed his lips.  Several ice cube trays worth of organic, frozen, homemade purees passed on to friends.  Desperate, I posted to the mother’s group, and, upon their advice took a break.  A week later, I tried table food.  The first meal, my favorite fish dish, lovingly prepared.  Rejected.  Second meal, my favorite lamb dish (supposedly the easiest for babies to digest), also rejected.  Third meal, my favorite pasta sauce (marinara plus eggplant and zucchini), eaten with relish, except the pasta.

After that, my son ate exclusively table food, reasonable great variety of vegetables, fruits and grain, few meats, but a balanced diet.  His favorites were whole wheat pancakes, french toast and quesadillas.  Until 15 months, when vegetables went the way of the wind, but that’s another topic. . .


Let’s Try Baby Led Weaning

When my second approached six months, I waited.  I figured, why add work when solids are just for fun at this age.  I tried to do Baby Led Weaning.  Total fail.  Zero interest in feeding herself.   I cooked her pureed sweet potatoes.  Rejected.  Added spices.  Rejected.  Tried broccoli puree.  Rejected.  Running low on time, I pulled out a jar of organic baby fruit from a friend.  Loved it.  Another jar.  Loved again.  Was I sad to miss the homemade process?  Not this time.  Rather, I was relieved to find something she liked, and only tried to find the best price.

She was slow to take to table food.  She loved yogurt (plain, organic, whole milk) at six months.  I loved it because it’s relatively caloric.  This time, I avoided rice cereal because of arsenic concerns, but eventually introduced baby oatmeal into her fruit.  At eight months, she showed a distinct love of meat, especially meatballs and chicken apple sausage.  At eighteen months, she loves most foods, including vegetables.  The odd one?  She will only eat fruit in a puree.

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