Ten Ways to Get Exercise without Going to a Gym 2

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While gyms with childcare are great, sometimes we either can’t get out or can’t afford a membership. Here are some ways to squeeze in exercise without a gym at all:

10. Take the stairs instead of elevator, especially if it’s just 2 or 3 flights. As you get more fit, go extra times.

9. Park further away than you “have” to.

8. Take the hilly route.

7. Walk to do your errands.

6. Do sit ups in the living room, dips on the coffee table, push ups on the floor. Do sit ups with your child on your lap for extra weight resistance. Try just 5-10 minutes.

5. Hold in your stomach while sitting with good posture to firm up abs and protect your back.  No slouching.

4. Take your kids to parent and me classes that have movement, such as swimming or dance. (Swimsuit adds motivation!) Try out exercise classes that you take with your child.

3. Take your kids for a stroll. For bonus points, keep up with a child on a bicycle or scooter.

2. Chase your kids around the park. Playing with your kids burns up the calories.

1. Dance with your children. Kids love freeze dance — Play a song, dance like crazy, then pause the music and freeze!

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