Teaching Your Child Compassion 1

My daughter falls down and starts crying, and her brother goes to her and asks if she needs ice.  Warms the heart.  But other times, he knocks her down or grabs a toy from her.  We all want our children to grow up with empathy, good citizens compassion for their fellow human beings.  Yet children […]

Love Letter to San Francisco

This wonderful love letter to San Francisco is the first post from Lael DasGupta who will be writing a monthly guest column with tips for joyful, frugal living. Whether you live in San Francisco or have thought about visiting, Lael’s ode to San Francisco paints a picture of life in my favorite city.   I […]

If 2013 Kicked Your Butt

We’ve all had tough years, days or months. In my son’s preschool class, they’re teaching the difference between big problems and small problems.  But what if your problems this year were all big ones? I still remember the year I was sick, needed surgery, and was laid off. And the year my father died. So […]

Finding a Middle Ground: Six Ways to Give Our Children Room to Grow without Undue Risk 1

Free Range Parenting vs. Helicoptering As I watch my two year old race to the play structure and try to climb a tricky bridge, something she’s never done before, my five year old warns me. “Lili can’t do that. Mama!  Quick!” I wonder, should I cover her? Do I give her the space to try […]

In Gratitude for What I Have Learned from My Sons

The holidays and heading toward another new year makes me think of all I am thankful for, while reflecting on the past year and what is most important to me. Being mother to my two sons is the greatest joy I can imagine. What I didn’t know at the beginning when I worried so much […]

When It Feels Like Time Is Flying By: Being Truly Present with Our Children

Especially when we are immersed in the wonderful flurry of taking care of young children, it is so easy for the days to fly by in a way that feels like time is out of our control. In a blink of an eye and windstorm of diapers, toys, feedings, play dates and sleepless nights, our […]

Creating Special Family Rituals for Lifelong Memories 1

Establishing regular family rituals whether a weekend hike, family movie night, or special holiday traditions build strong bonds and memories that last a lifetime. These are the memories that we so often think of first when reflecting fondly on our own childhood. They reinforce a sense of security along with the message that we are […]

Little boy excited with his birthday cake