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I’m Worried about My Child’s Speech, Should I Be? 3

— By Jennifer Katz, MS, CCC-SLP A question I hear over and over is, “how do I know if my child needs speech therapy?” My first response is to determine if a speech and language assessment is indicated. Sometimes the answer is a resounding “yes”, at times it’s a clear “no” and often it’s a […]

The Benefits of Year-Round Swimming Lessons 4

— By Anya Hall, Marketing and Curriculum Director, La Petite Baleen (LPB) Swim Schools, Northern California Parents often think of swimming lessons during the summer when it’s time to break out the sunscreen, and put down the iPhone as we venture out to different bodies of water. Be it a lake, a hot tub, a swimming […]

Top Ten Toothbrushing Tips 1

Cavities are the number one chronic disease among young children, and therefore, toothbrushing is critical. ( 10. Adult teeth are under the baby teeth, so cavities can spread to them. 9. You need to brush as well until your child is old enough to brush thoroughly. Test your child with a teddy bear. 8. Brush […]

Coaxing Our Kids to Brush Their Teeth, A Tale of Diversions & Tribulations

One of the biggest challenges we hear parents talk about – and our own experience reinforces – is getting our children to brush their teeth. When they are little it can be just the beginning act of getting them to open their mouths long enough to get those first furtive but all important cleanings in […]

fireman squirting toothpaste from a hose

Overcoming Toothbrushing Challenges with Young Children

When my son got his first tooth, I proudly brushed his teeth with a finger brush and some fancy organic toothpaste. He loved it, like a real live mouth massage and his sore gums. Then, some time before 2 yrs old, “I do it myself” kicked in, and he refused to let me brush his […]