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Frittata Recipe

I made this frittata recipe for the adults and was happily surprised when my children begged for some, then chowed down large quantities. My son renamed it Egg Pie.   Ingredients: 10 eggs 2 cups milk Two cups baby kale (or regular kale with stems removed), finely minced or pureed Two chicken apple sausages, chopped into […]

Nurturing the Sibling Relationship

Most of us have siblings; some are close, while others are not. To some extent, our personalities dictate how close we are as adults. But as children, how can we encourage a positive relationship? How can we avoid pitfalls that drive our children apart? A space of ones own. Our retired pediatrician, Jane Anderson, recommended that […]

Teaching Your Child Compassion 1

My daughter falls down and starts crying, and her brother goes to her and asks if she needs ice.  Warms the heart.  But other times, he knocks her down or grabs a toy from her.  We all want our children to grow up with empathy, good citizens compassion for their fellow human beings.  Yet children […]

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Convincing Your Preschooler to Do Things: Tips from a French Mary Poppins

As an experienced au pair, I know how challenging it can be to get young children to do the every day things you need them to do. I love being with children and learning their individual personalities and interests. I believe the easiest – and most successful – way to motivate children to do things […]

Finding the Right Preschool: Tips for Your Search Beyond the Stereotypes 1

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend told me that I was already behind on my preschool applications. Holy cow, I thought. How can I choose a preschool when my kid hasn’t even been born yet. I hastily got on the waitlist at one preschool and applied to a second shortly after […]

Love Letter to San Francisco

This wonderful love letter to San Francisco is the first post from Lael DasGupta who will be writing a monthly guest column with tips for joyful, frugal living. Whether you live in San Francisco or have thought about visiting, Lael’s ode to San Francisco paints a picture of life in my favorite city.   I […]

Helping Your Child Make Friends 1

My fondest memories of preschool were with my best friend: drinking green punch, painting, tying our shoes. When my first started preschool, my hope was for him to make wonderful friends. But how does this happen? Some kids make friends on their own. My elder child, now five, made his first friends before starting preschool, […]

10 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Children that Capture the Moment 1

— By Diane Rieger, Professional Family Photographer   There’s a special magic in capturing a moment and it’s these moments that give life meaning. My passion for photography is rooted in capturing the feelings of a moment; the love, the fun, the genuine and beautiful essence of each person. I believe we would all be […]