Monthly Archives: January 2014

Teaching Young Children Sharing and Turn Taking

As we’ve undoubtedly all experienced, young children can find sharing and turn taking challenging, to put it mildly.  It is hard for them to think about consequences and how their actions affect their friends’ feelings. Here are some tips from our Mom experience to help children learn, starting with a simple puppet show script to […]

When Your Child Is Having Surgery 5

When you find out your child needs surgery the heartbeat of worries merges with practical preparation and to do’s. Here are tips from my Mom experience ranging from simple outpatient surgery of ear tubes, tonsils and adenoids to an extensive birth defect repair that involved a week long stay in PICU (pediatric intensive care).   […]

Cioppino Recipe

Ingredients: olive oil ½ onion, chopped 3 stalks celery, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced or put through a plane 4 large cans diced tomatoes salt, pepper and dried oregano to taste 1.5 lbs deveined prawns, shells on (for flavor), heads off (my preference) 1.5 lbs live mussels (should be closed; store in a bowl on […]

12 Ideas for Indoor Family Adventures on Bad Weather Days 1

When you’ve faced what can seem like an endless stream of bad weather days, entertaining young children indoors starts to test even the most creative parents. Here are ideas for indoor adventures out and about, building on our recent article, 11 Fun Indoor Activities for Bad Weather Days for keeping kids entertained at home. Be sure […]

A New Year’s Resolution for a Cavity-Free Year

Here’s to a new year committed to healthy, cavity-free teeth for us and our kids! Brush each morning and before bedtime AFTER milk. Floss your children’s teeth once your dentist recommends it. Check out our toothbrushing tips for parents at which includes a free story based on the Cavity Dragons app available in iTunes.