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Quiche Recipe

What a wonderful, warm way to sneak in veggies!   Three options for crust, starting from super easy and up to homemade: Buy a crust already made, ideally whole wheat. These are usually the depth of pie, not tarts, so you will want to make two quiche vs. one in a tart pan. Buy frozen […]

Infant Sleep: Two children, Two Opposites 1

Sleep is a personal and charged topic. Who doesn’t need more sleep? You’d be hard pressed to find a new parent who *isn’t* tired. I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to want more sleep. While newborns are impossible to “sleep train,” at some point you’ll have an older baby, and you’ll realize that […]

Potty Training Experiences: Two Stories

Potty training, like everything, has turned out to be quite individual, adding to my assessment on parenting advice. If someone tells you their method works for every child, be skeptical.   First Child My first started potty training at 25 months, based on my initiative. We had done some early potty sitting at 15 months, […]

New Single Mom, New Baby

This article was originally published in GGMG Magazine. GGMG is a club of 4500 Moms in San Francisco ( New motherhood is scary.  Doing it on your own is scarier.  Rest assured, you’ll find your way . . .  Here are some tips from your fellow moms: Help, Help and More Help.  While all new moms […]

Starting Kindergarten – The Beginning of Many Transitions

I remember feeling how momentous the starting of kindergarten would be for each of my two sons. The build up to the first day of school, planning everything from what they would wear to what would go in their backpacks. The shiny, colorful school supplies carefully checked off the teacher’s list. Meeting the teacher and […]

Whole Wheat Pizza

My children love to make pizza.  It’s one of those rare items that convinces them to eat vegetables, without an argument.  They have fun helping to roll out the dough and spreading out the ingredients.  Their favorite part is pushing the button on the food processor to make the dough.  While you can buy pizza […]

Smoothie Recipe (or Popsicles) 2

Add to blender: fresh or frozen berries (strawberries with tops removed then quartered, blueberries, raspberries, whichever are your favorite) one banana 1-2 cups plain yogurt, to taste, for added protein ½ – 1 cup milk, as needed for blender to turn   Mix at high speed.  Drink as is, or freeze in molds or paper […]