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Toothbrushing was an ongoing struggle in our house until Cavity Dragons came along. Cavity Dragons was the exact motivation we needed to turn toothbrushing into fun in our house! — Jennifer Katz, MS, CCC/SLP, Speech Therapy Practice,, Gooseling Advisory Board Member


A great app for kids to visualize and learn the results of brushing and zapping sugar bugs” – Brian Quo, DDS, MS, Peninsula Pediatric Dentistry, Palo Alto, CA,


Children learn life skills through play. A game about toothbrushing, like Cavity Dragons, can help kids develop a positive association to the task. It also gives parents child-friendly language that can be used to discuss the purpose and importance of good dental hygiene. — Noelle Cochran, PsyD, Child Development Specialist, Symbio,


A great game to engage kids in visualizing bacteria on their teeth and encouraging them to brush. The customizable piece and gaining stickers is a plus. Great for my toddlers through first grader that I have at home. — Lee Atkinson-McEvoy, MD, Medical Director of the University of California at San Francisco Pediatric Primary Care Practices at Mt. Zion and Parnassus, Associate Division Chief of General Pediatrics, and Associate Program Director for the Residency Training Program. Gooseling Advisory Board Member.


Cavity Dragons is a very effective learning tool that provides an opportunity for children to understand in a visually concrete way the concept of cavities, and also the need to brush their teeth in order to prevent them. To educate through a fun, interactive way can be difficult, Cavity Dragons is able to accomplish this goal. — Fern Eisenberg, Director of Early Childhood Education, Congregation Beth Sholom Family Preschool


Thank you Cavity Dragons!  My youngest daughter used to struggle with the taste of toothpaste.  But now that she can actually use toothpaste to fight the cavity dragons on the app, she is willing to fight them in her mouth!  THANK YOU!! — Sheri Gross, Director, Mandel JCC of Cleveland Playmakers Youth Theatre


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Gooseling’s Games Combat the #1 Chronic Childhood Illness in America — Tooth Decay, VentureBeat, Excerpt: Tooth decay is the number one chronic childhood illness — 5 times more common than asthma and 4 times more common than early childhood obesity. No-one wants their kids’ teeth to rot and fall out, but its often not easy getting them to floss and brush.

Gooseling makes interactive games that are geared towards teaching kids aged 2 to 9 social and life skills. Its first game Cavity Dragon emphasizes the importance of proper tooth brushing habits in an effort to combat tooth decay.

“Picture the morning struggle to get children ready for school — fed, clothed and with teeth brushed,” cofounder Vicky Keston told VentureBeat. “When academic or social issues arise, the schedule goes out the window, and children wake the next morning tired and cranky.  It’s no wonder that children’s dental health is in a crisis.”

Dental disease is responsible for 51 million lost school hours 164 million lost work hours a year. Those are pretty serious numbers that represent in lost productivity for both children and their parents.


Valentine’s Day and February Fun, Things We Like for Valentine’s Day, Bay Area Parent, Excerpt: Healthy Teeth. When your children are done with their Valentine sweets, teach them the importance of good brushing with Cavity Dragons games. Created by San Francisco mom Vicky Keston and her sister, Lisa Danielpour, the apps let kids have fun fighting fire-breathing dragons with toothpaste-wielding firemen. Get all the food off the teeth before they turn gray and fall out.


Amazing Apps: Fire Station Cavity Dragons, Motherhood Moment Blog, Excerpt: Do you have a kid who wants to be a firefighter? A new app from Gooseling, Inc lets kids practice with a new app for iPad, iPad Touch, or iPhone.


Raising Kids and Companies: Meet Vicky Keston, Founder of Gooseling, Parenting on the Peninsula, Excerpt: “Did you brush your teeth?” is a question you can be sure to hear at least once every evening in our house. It’s usually followed by “All of them?” And then, when they complain, by an explanation, again, that brushing teeth for two minutes is a whole lot less painful than having the dentist drill holes in their teeth. If you have kids (which, if you’re reading this publication, is most likely a given) you’re probably incredibly familiar with this scenario. Sisters Vicky Keston and Lisa Danielpour were chatting one day and realized that, while there are countless game apps that cover traditional educational topics like math and reading, there aren’t any that cover learning life skills…Starting their own business took a huge leap of faith, but seeing their game in the Apple Store made it all worth it. People are buying and using something they personally put together. Something they created.”



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Beachwood Mom Launches Cavity Dragon App, Beachwood Buzz Printed Magazine, Excerpt: “We want to solve real-world challenges for parents, starting with Cavity Dragons, to handle the endless struggles parents go through trying to get parents to brush their teeth.”




One Simple Way To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth by Adina Soclof, Parenting Coach and Speech Therapist. Excerpt: “New Cavity Dragons iPhone/iPad Game App Helps Solve Toothbrushing Struggles. Many of us have dealt with the challenge of getting our children to brush their teeth. I recently tried out a creative new app, Cavity Dragons, designed to help parents solve the struggle over toothbrushing in 2-6 year olds. Cavity Dragons uses an interactive video game to motivate kids to brush their teeth through an app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch available in the iTunes store…I just met last week with Lisa Danielpour of and I was really impressed with their product.”



Beachwood Woman Fights Plaque With Video Game – Cavity Dragons app teaches kids to brush teeth while having fun —


NEW APP: “Gooseling Inc. has launched the new app, ‘Cavity Dragons,’ which uses a fun, interactive video game to motivate children to brush their teeth. Gooseling is a new business started by Lisa Danielpour of Beachwood and her sister Vicky Keston of San Francisco to teach children social and life skills using video games, with the convenience of an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch…” — Cleveland Jewish News [scroll down to second section of the article]