Fun Indoor Activities with Young Kids for Bad Weather Days 2

Whether it’s snow, sleet, rain, or a younger sibling’s nap time, there are times when weather or other circumstances call for indoor play at home. Here are 11 ideas for fun activities for young children at home, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Also check out our article with indoor adventures when you want to get out of the house but the weather calls for inside activities!

  1. Young Boy Making BreadMake a blanket fort with old sheets, blankets and pillows with stuffed animals

  2. Build the biggest block tower or building block town you can

  3. Decorate some empty cartons to be what their imaginations want – go to town with crayons, magic markers, scraps of wrapping paper, etc. They could be a pretend town for example.

  4. Have a race with toy cars and trucks

  5. Play dress up – pull out any costume like outfits and props you have ranging such as Halloween costumes, old crinolines

  6. Hold a pretend indoor Olympics with events like who can do the most jumping jacks, jump as high as you can, set up an obstacle course in the family room

  7. Draw of picture of your family or your favorite thing to do. Write a story together, you can take dictation from your child if they aren’t writing yet and they can do the illustrations. Then read a favorite book or or three or four (!!) together.

  8. Play an educational video game app like Cavity Dragons to get your kids excited to brush their teeth while they’re having fun. (The Jr version is for ages 2 to 5, Pro for ages 6 to 8)

  9. Play an age appropriate board game, or try an active game like twister great for burning off some energy

  10. Put on fun music and dance. Add some musical fun like tambourines, maracas, and a triangle.

  11. Cook or bake something delicious together!


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