NEW! Cavity Dragons Pro Video Game App for ages 6 to 9 -AND- Cavity Dragons Jr for Ages 2 to 5


Struggling to get your children to brush their teeth? Cavity Dragons to the rescue!

Cavity Dragons Pro uses vivid video game play to get kids ages 6 to 9 excited to brush their teeth. Cavity Dragons spit out fire balls onto a mouth of teeth, where children must tap food and fires. With the help of two firemen shooting toothpaste hoses, children eliminate the food before it can turn into a cavity, or the cavity can turn the tooth grey. Earn virtual gold coins and explore four screens packed with action and fun including a slap jack card game.


Children learn the importance of keeping teeth and gums clean while having fun! Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.




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Want to find out more? Explore reviews, handy toothbrushing tips, and a Cavity Dragons Story you can use with your children at toothbrushing time to reinforce the message of the Cavity Dragons game.


Cavity Dragons Jr for Ages 2 to 5 Now with Added Features!

Children learn while they play:

  • Use your new buddy the fireman and his handy toothpaste tube to squirt away bits of food, fires, and cavity dragons off teeth
  • Clean the teeth with your fireman on his skateboard toothbrush
  • Complete a fun tooth  puzzle
  • Decorate the fire station with firemen’s badges, jackets, boots, helmets, and move your fireman up and down the pole
  • Earn virtual reward stickers and save them to your device’s photo album
  • NEW! Fun Cavity Dragons Letter Puzzle